C'mon. Show it all to me !

Here you can have a look at some fellow Dutchbear visitors and submit your own pictures
for others to see and maybe to get in contact with each other?

You can send your (scanned = size does not matter) images to us with a short description about yourself and wether or not your e-mail address and URL of your own homepage
(if available) should be published as well so people can get in touch with you.

Just a few "minimum requirements" as we might call it:

In your picture   e-mail to Dutchbear

should be a statement that the images are of yourself and that "Dutchbear" may publish them in their Amateur-gallery.

We just refuse to publish endless series of "cock-shots" with no full-body or face on any of the images. So if you want us to publish more than one image of yourself there must be at least one of them show the whole person.
Sorry no exceptions.
The images should be of at least "viewable" quality.

That' s it...!
Do it now...