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45 years old, 6'2" (187 cm), 240 lbs ( 109 kg), Cut 7 inch (17 cm).
On a scale 0f 1 being smooth and 10 being extremely hairy.
I am an 8. I am into bears, cubs and otters. A man with a hairy body and a beard definitely turns me on.
I live in Las Vegas, NV so if you live here or are visiting email me with your pictures and contact info if you want to hookup and fuck or just be friends.
I am versatile, prefer to bottom but enjoy topping as well especially cubs and older daddies that enjoy getting fucked, my cock is fat so get ready for it, don't worry I won't stick it in to fast.
I am HIV+ and undetectable for the past 12 years. I prefer barebacking and prefer my sex partner(s) to be aware of that and either HIV+ and on meds themselves or taking PrEP to prevent HIV infection.

My email: mark@eagle.vegas