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Legitimately Single BlackGayMale from the Pacific Northwest USA.
40 132kg 193cm glasses, goatee. I`m a top. Big but not a bodybuilder.
I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs outside of poppers.
Nice guy, great sense of humor, loyal, trustworthy and honest.
I enjoy movies, dancing, swimming, Sci-Fi channel, HGTV, BBC, walks, road trips, improving my living space, family, friends, my cat, and community building foundation in my city.
Turned on by but NOT limited to; Bears, Otters, muscleBears, positive energy, butch aggressive bottoms, pigs, chasers, Redheads and of course my Brothas. These things will catch my eye but your personality and heart will keep me interested.
I`m happy with my life yet someone special would be nice.
(O: Just Be Yourself :o)
ATTENTION: It`s fine with me if you are so butch and masculine since birth that your mother got a rash from your beard while breastfeeding you.
There is nothing wrong with gruff masculinity. Unfortunately, it is often used by the insecure to bash within our own community. As a result, if you are one of those who buy in to terms like; `totally discreet,` `straight-acting,` `not out,` or `nobody knows I`m gay.` We probably won’t get along.
If you are gay and are comfortable with yourself, drop me a line. (o: Just Be Yourself :o) I`m looking for more than just a piece of ass. Meanwhile there`s video!
I am a Single Gay Man interested in meeting a Single Gay Man for a Friendship and/or Relationship between the ages of 27 and 51.

My email: Blkdp@aol.com