Before you send your email with your images to us
just a few things to remember:
Let us know under what name or pseudo you want to appear on the page.
If you use more than one email address
clearly state which one you want to have published.
Especially if different from the one you're sending your images from!
Send some text to go with your images ...
attach your images to your email.
Can be   xxx.jpg   or   xxx.gif
Point out which one of the images should be used as index image
in the left scrolling window.
If it doesn' t matter to you we will choose one.
Images can be updated with new ones
Just send us the new images and mention what part
you can be found in and under which pseudo/name.
Don' t forget to state that you' re of legal age and the images attached
may be published on DUTCHBEAR
If you just want to change (images, email, text)
on an already published page with us,
please be so kind ...
to mention in your email in what part of the amateurs you are listed
and under which name. Thank you.

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